CIVIVI Stainless Steel Pivot Screw (Diameter 8MM) CA-11B, With No Free Gift

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  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Screw Size: T8 ф8*1.6*M3*4
  • The pivot screws work on CIVIVI Chronic, Cogent, Conspirator, Button Lock Elementum, Exarch, Odium, Fixed Blade Elementum, Altus, Savant, Voltaic knives.
  • Please do check whether the screws work on your knife before ordering, see more details in product description.

The pivot screws (diameter 8MM) are compatible with the following CIVIVI knives

Chronic C917A,C917B,C917C,C917D,C917DS
Cogent C20038D-1,C20038D-2,C20038D-3,C20038D-5,C20038D-6,C20038D-7,C20038D-DS1, C20038E-1,C20038E-2,C20038E-3,C20038E-4
Conspirator C21006-1,C21006-2,C21006-3,C21006-DS1
Button Lock Elementum C2103A,C2103B,C2103C,C2103D,C2103DS-1,C2103DS-2,C2103DS-3
Exarch C2003A,C2003B,C2003C,C2003DS-1,C2003DS-2
Odium C2010A,C2010B,C2010C,C2010D,C2010E,C2010F,C2010DS-1, C2010G
Fixed Blade Elementum C2105A,C2105B,C2105-DS1
Altus C20076-1,C20076-2,C20076-3,C20076-DS1
Savant C20063B-1,C20063B-2,C20063B-DS1
Voltaic C20060-1,C20060-2,C20060-3

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