CIVIVI Pocket clip Stainless Steel Screws CA-12B, With No Free Gift

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Screws A is compatible with the following CIVIVI knives

Odium C2010A,C2010B,C2010C,C2010D,C2010E,C2010F,C2010DS-1,C2010G
Badlands Vagabond C2019A,C2019B,C2019C,C2019D,C2019DS-1,C2019E
Ortis C2013A,C2013B,C2013C,C2013D,C2013DS-1
Bo C20009B-A,C20009B-B,C20009B-3,C20009B-4,C20009B-5,C20009B-6
Imperium C2106A,C2106B,C2106C
Button Lock Elementum C2103A,C2103B,C2103C,C2103D,C2103DS-1,C2103DS-2,C2103DS-3
Elememtum C907A,C907B,C907C,C907D,C907E,C907F,C907M,C907DS,C907DS-2,C907R,C907S,C907T,C907U,C907V,C907W,C907X,C907Y,C907Z,C907A-1,C907T-A,C907T-B,C907T-C,C907T-D,C907T-E,C907C-DS1,C907C-DS2,C907C-DS3


Screws B is compatible with the following CIVIVI & SENCUT knives

Savant C20063B-1,C20063B-2,C20063B-DS1
Pintail C2020A,C2020B,C2020C,C2020DS-1,C2020DS-2
Baklash C801J, C801DS-2
Brazen C2023A,C2023B,C2023C,C2023D,C2023E,C2023F,C2023DS-1, C2102A,C2102B,C2102C,C2102DS-1,C2102DS-2,C2102DS-3
Imperium C2107A,C2107DS-1,C2107DS-2,C2107DS-3
Hadros C20004-1,C20004-2,C20004-3,C20004-DS1
Thug 2 C20028C-1,C20028C-2,C20028C-3,C20028C-DS1
San Angelo S21003-1,S21003-2,S21003-3


Screws C is compatible with the following CIVIVI knives

Baklash C801A, C801B, C801C, C801D, C801E, C801F, C801G, C801H, C801I, C801K, C801DS
Praxis C803A, C803B, C803C, C803D, C803E, C803F, C803DS, C803DS-2, C803DS-3, C803G, C803H, C803I, C803J
Chevalier C20022-1, C20022-2, C20022-3, C20022-DS1
Chevalier C20022-1, C20022-2, C20022-3, C20022-DS1


Screws D is compatible with the following CIVIVI & SENCUT knives

Mini Asticus C19026B-1, C19026B-2, C19026B-3, C19026B-4, C19026B-5, C19026B-DS1, C19026B-DS2
Riffle C2024A, C2024B, C2024C, C2024DS-1, C2024DS-2
Lazar C20013-1, C20013-2, C20013-DS1, C20013-DS2
Chronic C917A, C917B, C917C, C917D, C917DS
Exarch C2003A, C2003B, C2003C, C2003DS-1, C2003DS-2
P87 Folder C21043-1,C21043-2,C21043-3,C21043-DS1
Keen Nadder C2021A, C2021B, C2021C
Voltaic C20060-1, C20060-2, C20060-3
Brazoria SA12A, SA12B, SA12C


Screws E is compatible with the following CIVIVI & SENCUT knives

Cogent C20038D-1, C20038D-2, C20038D-3, C20038D-5, C20038D-6, C20038D-7, C20038D-DS1, C20038E-1, C20038E-2, C20038E-3, C20038E-4
Relic C20077B-1, C20077B-2, C20077B-3, C20077B-DS1
Conspirator C21006-1, C21006-2, C21006-3, C21006-DS1
Altus C20076-1, C20076-2, C20076-3, C20076-DS1
Sachse S21007-1, S21007-2, S21007-3, S21007-4
Crowley S21012-1, S21012-2, S21012-3


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • WHAT YOU GET – You will get 10PCS screws, 10PCS screws are divided into 5 packages, they are packaged in A, B, C, D,E which fits different CIVIVI knives. Please see the images carefully for more details.
  • COMPATIBILITY– Screws A work on Odium, Badlands Vagabond, Ortis, Bo, Imperium, Button Lock Elementum, Elememtum knives. Screws B work on Savant, Pintail, Baklash, Brazen, Imperium, Hadros, Thug 2, San Angelo knives. Screws C work on Baklash, Praxis, Chevalier knives. Screws D work on Mini Asticus, Riffle, Lazar, Chronic, Exarch, P87 Folder, Keen Nadder, Voltaic, Brazoria knives. Screws E work on Cogent, Relic, Conspirator, Altus, Sachse, Crowley knives.
  • WARM TIPS– Please do check whether the screws work on your knife before ordering.

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