CIVIVI Titanium Pocket Clip With Titanium screws T001B

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CIVIVI Titanium Pocket Clip works on below CIVIVI Model Name and Model Number:

Model Name Model Number
Elementum (except contoured handle versions) C907A C907B C907C C907D C907E C907F C907G C907H C907I C907J C907K C907L C907N C907O C907P C907Q C907M C907DS C907DS-2 C907R C907S C907T C907U C907V C907W C907X C907Y C907Z C907A-1 C907T-A C907T-B C907T-C C907T-D C907T-E C907T-F C907T-G
Button Lock Elementum C2103A C2103B C2103C C2103D C2103DS-1 C2103DS-2 C2103DS-3
Odium C2010A C2010B C2010C C2010D C2010E C2010F C2010DS-1
Ortis C2013A C2013B C2013C C2013D C2013DS-1
Badlands Vagabond C2019A C2019B C2019C C2019D C2019DS-1 C2019E
Bo C20009B-A C20009B-B C20009B-3 C20009B-4 C20009B-5 C20009B-6

Material: Titanium
Clip Size: 50mmx5.72mm
Screw Size: T8 ∅4*1.5*M2.5*4.5mm
This Ti pocket clip works on CIVIVI Odium/ Badlands Vagabond/Ortis/Bo/Button Lock Elementum knives, and Elementum knives except contoured handle versions.    
Please do check whether this clip works on your knife before ordering, see more details in product description.

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