Your average EDCer will surely have a blade of some sort on hand all the time, but it's not always the best tool for the job.
Sometimes, you need something less complicated, if not more elegant. Enter the prybar. Although older and cobbled- up designs tend to be large and heavy, newer designs, such as this new Civivi Ti-Bar from the mind of knife designer Ostap Hel, innovate by finding compact shapes that still give leverage, done up in modern materials that last.
Simple, sturdy, yet sophisticated: the Civivi Ti- Bar brings some functional titanium bling to your keychain.
The name around the lanyard loop reveals whose brainchild this is.
Measuring 1.7" (43.3mm) long, 0.64" (16.2mm) wide, and just 0.18" (4.5mm) thick, the Ti-Bar from Civivi integrates easily into your keychain or EDC tool setup.
A large, oversized loop facilitates this, and also allows for easy attachment to or of a lanyard. At just 0.29 ounces (8.3 grams), nobody is gonna accuse this nifty tool of weighing you down.
The underside of the Civivi Ti-Bar has milled off areas that reveal some contrasting plain grained titanium underneath.
Carrying a prybar lets you keep your EDC knife's edge sharp for when it's really needed. Forcing that edge to wedge into things it's not meant to can not only ruin the tool, but can also cause personal injury. A prybar that's meant to scrape, peel, and pry means you will have the right tool for the job.
Thin enough to squeeze into places, and tough enough to do the work.
The Civivi Ti-Bar is a lightweight and sturdy EDC tool that deserves to part of your daily carry. Small enough to live on your keychain, it will prove its worth when it spares the blade of your favorite knife from harm. Choose from Purple, Gray, and Champagne options to best match or highlight the rest of your EDC kit.