Interview questions By Nataliia


N: Usually, your knives are chosen by people. But if you could choose the future owners of your products, what would they be? Describe an ideal knife user.

WE: We like when our products go to customers who love them and our service. We appreciate owners who are open with their ideas and willing to share their feedback in the form of approval or criticism. We love owners who collect our products as works of art as much as those who put them to hard use every day.


N: Probably, there may not be a perfect knife, but there is always a better one at a certain time. Or one life – one knife? Then, how to choose a perfect one? And which one would you choose for yourself?

WE: Most people will agree that there is no knife that is perfect for all purposes. To choose the best knife, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. Why do I need a knife? What will I use it for? What is my budget? With so many options out there, we could also consider color and style. When choosing a knife, look for something that fits your hand well and feels good to use. Consider a blade shape and size that will suit your primary purpose and match your budget. One of the benefits of WE Knife and CIVIVI products is that we use quality materials and excellent craft at a price that is hard to beat. My choice would be an excellent quality knife with a design that brings me joy from a company that provides great after-sale service.


N: Any company is a team of people. Yours is friendly and hardworking. Do you have an image of an ideal employee? How to make the right choice?

WE: Firstly, as a company, we need to figure out who’s the best for the role. Secondly, skills, knowledge, and experience are over certifications. Thirdly, we have to know how to listen and respect each other during work. I feel lucky to call our team members friends. Our team always tries its best and is committed to the jobs. The ideal team is willing to take calculated risks, endure setbacks, fear, and the other situations that may come as a result of hard and smart work. Our team is incredibly talented and works hard every day to bring better products and services to the world.

The owner and CEO of WE Knife and CIVIVI, Joe Cheung, is a man who made himself, created se-veral companies, many jobs, and built an extraordinary reputation around the world. He is an example of what can be achieved in life. You just have to have purpose, desire, patience, and never stop.


N: What is the history of your company? Which part of it is the most memorable?

WE: We joined the knife industry in 2000 by providing high-quality OEM manufacturing services to some of the top names in the industry. WE Knife brand first made its appearance in 2016, and it introduced the CIVIVI brand in 2018, reacting to the needs of the market for a value line. WE Knife has grown into a leading knife brand through the years of hard work. A worldwide distribution network, as well as a strong social media presence, have been established. WE Knife looks forward to the opportunities to showcase our growth and thrill you with every new design! Looking back along the way, many things were unknown at the beginning. But our team is friendly and really hardworking: we fought for our goals to be where we are at today. Hard work and success are unforgettable experience. There are many people to thank for helping WE Knife to get to where it is. We are nowhere near the end of the road, and we have a lot more exciting things to bring our customers.


How many knife models do you consider perfect for your brand?

One of the things that makes us unique is that we release new models every month. There will never be an end to our innovation and new products, so it is hard to say what the perfect number is. We currently offer hundreds of models and will continue fine-tuning our assortment.


N: What materials do you choose for your products?

WE: WE Knife uses top-quality materials available from reputable suppliers such as CPM 20CV, Bohler M390, CPM S35VN, Nitro-V, Damasteel, etc., with handle materials like Titanium, carbon fiber, timascus. CIVIVI knives look good, feel good, and work well thanks to valuable materials like Nitro-V, 14C28N, S35VN, etc. and handle materials such as carbon fiber, micarta, wood, G10. We try to learn what our customers like and offer the products they are looking for. The materials that we choose are of top quality and are proven to be excellent building blocks for our innovative designs.


What is your idea of happiness?

Find what you love to do, and love what you do.

What is your motto?

Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

Who are your heroes in real life?

Each one of us can be a hero. For that, we don’t need any superpowers. One of my heroes is my mid-school English teacher, who’s also named Joe. He is a man with a quick mind who knows how to stay calm in stressful situations and always figures out a plan for success. He always told us to never stop learning and train ourselves to be human. Every day students would come to his class to learn something new. I thank my past self as well for all the decisions, good and bad, that led me to this point


A contribution from Nataliia.