# Instructions for Titanium Screws A (Compatable with Praxis,Blash, Chevalier)
Model Name Model Number
CIVIVI Baklash C801A, C801B, C801C, C801D, C801F, C801G, C801H, C801I, C801DS
CIVIVI Praxis C803A, C803B, C803C, C803D, C803E, C803F, C803DS, C803DS-2, C803DS-3, C803G, C803H, C803I, C803J, C803M, C803L
CIVIVI Chevalier C20022-1, C20022-2, C20022-3, C20022-DS1
# Instructions for Titanium Screws B (Compatable with Mini Asticus,Riffle,Lazar,Chronic,Exarch,Keen Nadder)
Model Name Model Number
CIVIVI Mini Asticus C19026B-1, C19026B-2, C19026B-3, C19026B-4, C19026B-5, C19026B-DS1, C19026B-DS2
CIVIVI Riffle C2024A, C2024B, C2024C, C2024DS-1, C2024DS-2
CIVIVI Lazar C20013-1, C20013-2, C20013-DS1, C20013-DS2
CIVIVI Chronic C917A, C917B, C917C, C917D, C917DS
CIVIVI Exarch C2003A, C2003B, C2003C, C2003DS-1, C2003DS-2
CIVIVI ODD 22 C21032-1, C21032-2, C21032-DS1
CIVIVI P87 Folder C21043-1, C21043-2, C21043-3, C21043-DS1
CIVIVI Keen Nadder C2021A, C2021B, C2021C
CIVIVI Voltaic C20060-1, C20060-2, C20060-3
CIVIVI Banneret C20040D-1, C20040D-2, C20040D-DS1
SENCUT Actium SA02A, SA02B, SA02C, SA02D, SA02E, SA02F
SENCUT Snap SA05A, SA05B, SA05C, SA05D
SENCUT Acumen SA06A, SA06B, SA06C, SA06D
SENCUT Neches SA09A, SA09B, SA09C, SA09D
SENCUT Brazoria SA08A, SA08B, SA08C, SA08D, SA08E, SA08F
# Instructions for Titanium Screws C (Compatable with Cogent,Conspirator,Altus,Relic)
Model Name Model Number
CIVIVI Cogent C20038D-1, C20038D-2, C20038D-3, C20038D-5, C20038D-6, C20038D-7, C20038D-DS1,C20038E-1, C20038E-2, C20038E-3, C20038E
CIVIVI Relic C20077B-1, C20077B-2, C20077B-3, C20077B-DS1
CIVIVI Conspirator C21006-1, C21006-2, C21006-3, C21006-DS1,C21006B-1, C21006-5, C21006-6
CIVIVI Altus C20076-1, C20076-2, C20076-3, C20076-DS1
SENCUT Sachse S21007-1, S21007-2, S21007-3, S21007-4
SENCUT Watauga S21011-1, S21011-2, S21011-3, S21011-4
SENCUT Crowley S21012-1, S21012-2, S21012-3